Troubleshooting (optional)

If you have existing containers running, you may receive an error indicating that a port is already occupied. If this occurs, you will need to kill the container that is using said port.

If a file cannot be located, make sure your curl commands executed successfully and make sure you are in the directory where you pulled the source code.

If you are receiving timeout or GRPC communication errors, make sure you have the correct version of Docker installed - v1.13.0. Then try restarting your failing docker process. For example:

docker stop peer0


docker start peer0

Another approach to GRPC and DNS errors (peer failing to resolve with orderer and vice versa) is to hardcode the IP addresses for each. You will know if there is a DNS issue, because a more results.txt command within the cli container will display something similar to:


Issue a docker inspect <container_name> to ascertain the IP address. For example:

docker inspect peer0 | grep IPAddress


docker inspect orderer | grep IPAddress

Take these values and hard code them into your cli commands. For example:

CORE_PEER_COMMITTER_LEDGER_ORDERER= peer channel create -c myc1



If you are seeing errors while using the node SDK, make sure you have the correct versions of node.js and npm installed on your machine. You want node v6.9.5 and npm v3.10.10.

If you ran through the automated channel create/join process (i.e. did not comment out in the docker-compose-gettingstarted.yml), then channel - myc1 - and genesis block - myc1.block - have already been created and exist on your machine. As a result, if you proceed to execute the manual steps in your cli container:

CORE_PEER_COMMITTER_LEDGER_ORDERER=orderer:7050 peer channel create -c myc1

Then you will run into an error similar to:

<EXACT_TIMESTAMP>       UTC [msp] Sign -> DEBU 064 Sign: digest: 5ABA6805B3CDBAF16C6D0DCD6DC439F92793D55C82DB130206E35791BCF18E5F
Error: Got unexpected status: BAD_REQUEST
  peer channel create [flags]

This occurs because you are attempting to create a channel named myc1, and this channel already exists! There are two options. Try issuing the peer channel create command with a different channel name - myc2. For example:

CORE_PEER_COMMITTER_LEDGER_ORDERER=orderer:7050 peer channel create -c myc2

Then join:

CORE_PEER_COMMITTER_LEDGER_ORDERER=orderer:7050 CORE_PEER_ADDRESS=peer0:7051 peer channel join -b myc2.block

If you do choose to create a new channel, and want to run deploy/invoke/query with the node.js programs, you also need to edit the “channelID” parameter in the config.json file to match the new channel’s name. For example:


OR, if you want your channel called - myc1 -, remove your docker containers and then follow the same commands in the Manually create and join peers to a new channel section.

Clean up

Shut down your containers:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-gettingstarted.yml down

Helpful Docker tips

Remove a specific docker container:

docker rm <containerID>

Force removal:

docker rm -f <containerID>

Remove all docker containers:

docker rm -f $(docker ps -aq)

This will merely kill docker containers (i.e. stop the process). You will not lose any images.

Remove an image:

docker rmi <imageID>

Forcibly remove:

docker rmi -f <imageID>

Remove all images:

docker rmi -f $(docker images -q)